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What Season are you?

Choosing the right color family for your skin tone can be the difference between like and LOVE. Unfortunately it can be a confusing determination with many variables. You may love the hue of that new emerald green shirt or really want to wear the bright red lip trend but when people keep asking if you're feeling okay, and you are, it's probably the wrong color for you.

The wrong color may throw too much contrast, or cast shadows into the lines of the face and the porous texture of the skin itself resulting in looking tired, aged, frumpy, or angry.

To simplify the process we can categorize ourselves as either

> Spring

> Summer

> Autumn

> Winter

To help determine which season you are analyze your natural hair color.

Would you consider your hair to be light or dark? Warm or cool?

> warm suggests the presence of yellow, red, or orange. Skin which contains lots of golden, red, and amber-honey notes, even when the complexion is fair, is flattered by hair which also contains these sunny tones, think strawberry or apricot blondes, coppery browns, and fiery reds.


> cool lacks any obvious presence of warmth. Skin (including olive skin, beige-y skin, and fair celtic skin with pink cheeks ) is flattered by equally cool , ash-toned hair blue-based eggplants, burgundies, cool brunettes, platinum blondes, etc.


Additionally , look at the underside of your arm/wrist and try to determine whether your veins look more blue (cool) or green (warm).


If you still question put a swatch of bright pink (cool) up to your freshly cleansed face then a bright orange (warm) swatch, chances are you'll have strong reaction with one color or the other.

AUTUMN: dark+warm

Your natural color is fiery, earthy, golden and natural. The autumn palette is easy to to remember if you think about our beautiful autumn landscape. You can wear both muted and rich, warm colors like the autumn foliage or exotic spice colors. 

SUMMER: light+cool

Your overall coloring is the most delicate and understated of all seasons. Summer is the serenity palette, so you should always avoid harsh contrasts by keeping the entire look calm and in complete harmony.

SPRING: light+warm

Your coloration is bright and sunny. Select colors that look as if they are bathed in sunlight. Your best color will mirror the color of your eyes.

WINTER: dark+cool

Your color choice should be crisp and distinctive. Winter can wear rich and intense color.

Now that you know what season you are, wear it! Feel comfortable  breaking the rules! Confidence is beauty!