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Texture! Need we say more...

CURLS, Curls, curls... Whether they're big, loose, or messy, we can not express enough that this is ongoing trend that is here to stay! Don't put your flat irons away quite yet, we have everything you need to know about curling your hair with a flat iron!

For years, we've used our flat iron to create smooth, sleek and straight styles. Slowly, we've discovered this tool does more than straightening our hair. From loose waves to tight ribbon curls, you can create a wide variety of looks with just one heat styling tool. With any hair tool, there's technique involved and it takes some practice to perfect.

Now, let's discuss the DO'S and DONT'S

  • DON'T forget to use a thermal heat protectant. Flat Irons can produce a lot of heat so it's important to NEVER forget your heat protectant spray. We recommend using Kevin.Murphy Damage. Manager, Kevin.Murphy Anti.Gravity Spray for long lasting texture and Kevin.Murphy Hair.Resort spray for a tousled beach texture look.  All have the same heat protection up to 420 degrees.    
  • DO work in small sections. It's about control and if you try working with too large of a section, the hair will slip out and create a very funky crease in your hair.
  • DON'T stop moving the iron! It's not a curling iron, we don't want to hold the hair in the iron because, again, this can cause a crease in your hair. Simply glide the hair through and keep it moving.
  • DO glide through the hair at different speeds! Speed up or slow down, depending on what style you are going for! For a tighter curl, use a slower, more deliberate motion. For looser waves and typically when curling around the face, move through the section a little faster.
  • DON'T curl the same section without allowing the hair to cool first. Whether the curl is too tight or it slipped out from the iron, let that section cool off before re-curling.
  • DO take your time and control the movements of your flat iron until you understand the amount of compression and speed it takes to create curls that are perfect for you!


  • Direction is important! Always curl the hair away from the face. Once you get to the back of your hair, the directions will blend together!
  • Practice with the iron OFF! Curling your hair with a flat iron can be difficult and it might take a lot of trial and error. If you take the time to practice with your iron off first, you will avoid mistakes such as potentially burning your hair or creating creases. Figure out what kind of curls you want and practice the technique with the iron off then once you are comfortable, flip the iron on and go to work!
  • Combine different types of curls for interesting results. Who says you can't combine some sexy curls with some organic boho waves? We encourage you to experiment with combining different curls; sometimes the results look a lot more natural!
  • Always shake out the curls once they have cooled and set the curls in place with a moveable styling or finishing spray. Check out Kevin.Murphy Session.Spray or Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity.
  • For tighter curls, use smaller sections combined with slow and tight movements.

How to get the best looking curls with a diffuser:

When it comes to naturally curly hair, blow dryers can often cause grief rather than being of any help. In fact, some blow dryers actually work against curly hair; this happens when the nozzle directs too much air toward the hair, deflating volume and the shape.

What is the solution to this blow dryer and curly hair problem? It's simple... a deep bowl diffuser.

A diffuser provides a steady airflow which allows the hair to dry in a natural form. This will reduce frizz while maintaining the definition of your curls! Now that you know the secret, we have some tips to help you get better looking curls by using your diffuser.

Diffuser Tips:

Use Cold Air: Using cold air instead of the usual hot air will prevent the hair from stretching and creating frizz.

Keep Your Hands Out of The Hair: Let the diffuser do the work for you! The more you touch naturally curly hair, the more frizz you will create.

Get More Volume: Place the diffuser against your scalp and rotate (left, right, left, right) to encourage lift. Try this out and like magic, you have added lift and volume!

More Curl Definition: For even more definition in your curls, lift the diffuser against gravity to enhance the curls. In other words, turn your head upside down while and rest your hair in the diffuser.

Products to use to help get the curls you want: KM Motion.Lotion, KM Hair.Resort gel and KM Easy.Rider anti-frizz cream.   

Happy Summer!

We look forward to seeing you soon! Your friends at HeadDress!