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We cater to both men and women, provide all manner of hair services and facial waxing, and offer the latest and best professional hair care products.

April Fooling!


Make a bold statement with platinum hair this season!

Paler than pale platinum blonde is very chic – and with unnatural colors being trendy, it's one of the easiest ways to make a bold statement without having to go blue or pink. It's totally glam, yet it can be downplayed to a more edgy look as well. BUT, like all beautiful things, platinum hair needs some extra TLC to look good. Shampoo with Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel wash or Schwarzkopf color save to keep the unwanted warm tones out of your hair. The Blonde Angel treatment is a great conditioner to keep the blonde healthy!

Who doesn't want great hair everyday? Tricks of the trade!

  • To prevent frizz, reach for an old tee shirt instead of a fluffy towel to thoroughly squeeze out the excess moisture without roughing up the cuticle. This is especially recommended if you have naturally curly hair.
  • Detangle hair by working from the bottom up.
  • Product is a necessity. Use mousse for volume, lotion for hair that's smooth and touchable or gel for lift and definition.
  • A boar bristle brush will distribute the natural oils throughout the hair and give a smooth finish.
  • Stand up, because your body will have more flexibility than when you're sitting down.
  • If you work with a round brush, section off the hair and start at the bottom. Between sections, put down the blow dryer so you have both hands to get the hair on the brush.
  • If your hair is color-treated, set your thermal tools on medium to keep the cuticle closed and maintain the color longer.

Forget Man Buns, Because Dog Buns Are Everywhere Right Now!

Over the past year, there's been a man bun epidemic spreading across the world like wildfire.

While some of the hipster styles these days are a bit insufferable, the glorious man bun definitely isn't.

But, if you thought men were the only ones embracing their inner lumbersexual locks with this heavenly hairstyle, you clearly haven't seen the hairstyle man's best friend has been rocking.

Behold, the dog bun.

Yep, Fido just jacked your hipster hairdo, and there's no denying he looks doggone good in a damn bun.

These trendy hound hairstyles include messy mutt buns, canine bun-beard combos and perfectly sculpted pup-dos. And each style proves dogs do buns way better than dudes.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this adorable dog hairstyle.

If you want to look this fierce, you better come see us soon!

Your friends at HeadDress!