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What Season are you?

Choosing the right color family for your skin tone can be the difference between like and LOVE. Unfortunately it can be a confusing determination with many variables. You may love the hue of that new emerald green shirt or really want to wear the bright red lip trend but when people keep asking if you're feeling okay, and you are, it's probably the wrong color for you.

The wrong color may throw too much contrast, or cast shadows into the lines of the face and the porous texture of the skin itself resulting in looking tired, aged, frumpy, or angry.

To simplify the process we can categorize ourselves as either

> Spring

> Summer

> Autumn

> Winter

To help determine which season you are analyze your natural hair color.

Would you consider your hair to be light or dark? Warm or cool?

> warm suggests the presence of yellow, red, or orange. Skin which contains lots of golden, red, and amber-honey notes, even when the complexion is fair, is flattered by hair which also contains these sunny tones, think strawberry or apricot blondes, coppery browns, and fiery reds.


> cool lacks any obvious presence of warmth. Skin (including olive skin, beige-y skin, and fair celtic skin with pink cheeks ) is flattered by equally cool , ash-toned hair blue-based eggplants, burgundies, cool brunettes, platinum blondes, etc.


Additionally , look at the underside of your arm/wrist and try to determine whether your veins look more blue (cool) or green (warm).


If you still question put a swatch of bright pink (cool) up to your freshly cleansed face then a bright orange (warm) swatch, chances are you'll have strong reaction with one color or the other.

AUTUMN: dark+warm

Your natural color is fiery, earthy, golden and natural. The autumn palette is easy to to remember if you think about our beautiful autumn landscape. You can wear both muted and rich, warm colors like the autumn foliage or exotic spice colors. 

SUMMER: light+cool

Your overall coloring is the most delicate and understated of all seasons. Summer is the serenity palette, so you should always avoid harsh contrasts by keeping the entire look calm and in complete harmony.

SPRING: light+warm

Your coloration is bright and sunny. Select colors that look as if they are bathed in sunlight. Your best color will mirror the color of your eyes.

WINTER: dark+cool

Your color choice should be crisp and distinctive. Winter can wear rich and intense color.

Now that you know what season you are, wear it! Feel comfortable  breaking the rules! Confidence is beauty!



Texture! Need we say more...

CURLS, Curls, curls... Whether they're big, loose, or messy, we can not express enough that this is ongoing trend that is here to stay! Don't put your flat irons away quite yet, we have everything you need to know about curling your hair with a flat iron!

For years, we've used our flat iron to create smooth, sleek and straight styles. Slowly, we've discovered this tool does more than straightening our hair. From loose waves to tight ribbon curls, you can create a wide variety of looks with just one heat styling tool. With any hair tool, there's technique involved and it takes some practice to perfect.

Now, let's discuss the DO'S and DONT'S

  • DON'T forget to use a thermal heat protectant. Flat Irons can produce a lot of heat so it's important to NEVER forget your heat protectant spray. We recommend using Kevin.Murphy Damage. Manager, Kevin.Murphy Anti.Gravity Spray for long lasting texture and Kevin.Murphy Hair.Resort spray for a tousled beach texture look.  All have the same heat protection up to 420 degrees.    
  • DO work in small sections. It's about control and if you try working with too large of a section, the hair will slip out and create a very funky crease in your hair.
  • DON'T stop moving the iron! It's not a curling iron, we don't want to hold the hair in the iron because, again, this can cause a crease in your hair. Simply glide the hair through and keep it moving.
  • DO glide through the hair at different speeds! Speed up or slow down, depending on what style you are going for! For a tighter curl, use a slower, more deliberate motion. For looser waves and typically when curling around the face, move through the section a little faster.
  • DON'T curl the same section without allowing the hair to cool first. Whether the curl is too tight or it slipped out from the iron, let that section cool off before re-curling.
  • DO take your time and control the movements of your flat iron until you understand the amount of compression and speed it takes to create curls that are perfect for you!


  • Direction is important! Always curl the hair away from the face. Once you get to the back of your hair, the directions will blend together!
  • Practice with the iron OFF! Curling your hair with a flat iron can be difficult and it might take a lot of trial and error. If you take the time to practice with your iron off first, you will avoid mistakes such as potentially burning your hair or creating creases. Figure out what kind of curls you want and practice the technique with the iron off then once you are comfortable, flip the iron on and go to work!
  • Combine different types of curls for interesting results. Who says you can't combine some sexy curls with some organic boho waves? We encourage you to experiment with combining different curls; sometimes the results look a lot more natural!
  • Always shake out the curls once they have cooled and set the curls in place with a moveable styling or finishing spray. Check out Kevin.Murphy Session.Spray or Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity.
  • For tighter curls, use smaller sections combined with slow and tight movements.

How to get the best looking curls with a diffuser:

When it comes to naturally curly hair, blow dryers can often cause grief rather than being of any help. In fact, some blow dryers actually work against curly hair; this happens when the nozzle directs too much air toward the hair, deflating volume and the shape.

What is the solution to this blow dryer and curly hair problem? It's simple... a deep bowl diffuser.

A diffuser provides a steady airflow which allows the hair to dry in a natural form. This will reduce frizz while maintaining the definition of your curls! Now that you know the secret, we have some tips to help you get better looking curls by using your diffuser.

Diffuser Tips:

Use Cold Air: Using cold air instead of the usual hot air will prevent the hair from stretching and creating frizz.

Keep Your Hands Out of The Hair: Let the diffuser do the work for you! The more you touch naturally curly hair, the more frizz you will create.

Get More Volume: Place the diffuser against your scalp and rotate (left, right, left, right) to encourage lift. Try this out and like magic, you have added lift and volume!

More Curl Definition: For even more definition in your curls, lift the diffuser against gravity to enhance the curls. In other words, turn your head upside down while and rest your hair in the diffuser.

Products to use to help get the curls you want: KM Motion.Lotion, KM Hair.Resort gel and KM Easy.Rider anti-frizz cream.   

Happy Summer!

We look forward to seeing you soon! Your friends at HeadDress!


April Fooling!


Make a bold statement with platinum hair this season!

Paler than pale platinum blonde is very chic – and with unnatural colors being trendy, it's one of the easiest ways to make a bold statement without having to go blue or pink. It's totally glam, yet it can be downplayed to a more edgy look as well. BUT, like all beautiful things, platinum hair needs some extra TLC to look good. Shampoo with Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel wash or Schwarzkopf color save to keep the unwanted warm tones out of your hair. The Blonde Angel treatment is a great conditioner to keep the blonde healthy!

Who doesn't want great hair everyday? Tricks of the trade!

  • To prevent frizz, reach for an old tee shirt instead of a fluffy towel to thoroughly squeeze out the excess moisture without roughing up the cuticle. This is especially recommended if you have naturally curly hair.
  • Detangle hair by working from the bottom up.
  • Product is a necessity. Use mousse for volume, lotion for hair that's smooth and touchable or gel for lift and definition.
  • A boar bristle brush will distribute the natural oils throughout the hair and give a smooth finish.
  • Stand up, because your body will have more flexibility than when you're sitting down.
  • If you work with a round brush, section off the hair and start at the bottom. Between sections, put down the blow dryer so you have both hands to get the hair on the brush.
  • If your hair is color-treated, set your thermal tools on medium to keep the cuticle closed and maintain the color longer.

Forget Man Buns, Because Dog Buns Are Everywhere Right Now!

Over the past year, there's been a man bun epidemic spreading across the world like wildfire.

While some of the hipster styles these days are a bit insufferable, the glorious man bun definitely isn't.

But, if you thought men were the only ones embracing their inner lumbersexual locks with this heavenly hairstyle, you clearly haven't seen the hairstyle man's best friend has been rocking.

Behold, the dog bun.

Yep, Fido just jacked your hipster hairdo, and there's no denying he looks doggone good in a damn bun.

These trendy hound hairstyles include messy mutt buns, canine bun-beard combos and perfectly sculpted pup-dos. And each style proves dogs do buns way better than dudes.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this adorable dog hairstyle.

If you want to look this fierce, you better come see us soon!

Your friends at HeadDress!



Spring Fling!


Spring Fling!

This Spring it 's all about effortlessly cool hair styles! Step out of the box and try a new look this season! 

Tousled topknot


Pinup girl pigtails


Micro bangs


During the month of March, please invite three of your friends and family to come see your favorite stylist and receive a gift set! Only new referrals, please.

We love these products, they are a must try!

KM Hair Resort

A messy beach look that defines all hair types. An oil free texturiser for a sexy surfer look that defies gravity. Apply to damp or dry hair, scrunch in, and you are good to go!

Sebastian Micro Web Fiber

A remoldable supple texturizer for all hair types. The beachy long, layered waves have been around for ages, and thankfully they're not going anywhere!

Upcoming event:

First Friday is back starting April 3rd at Headdress! Whoot, Whoot! Our featured artist will be Beth Sanders! Party with us and see some amazing art, eat some great food and have a drink on us! 

Happy Spring!  We look forward to seeing you soon!  




Love Letter From HeadDress!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We really LOVE having you as a client and friend! You are the HEART of our BUSINESS! Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. 

February Promo

Buy your Valentine a Gift Certificate for $100 or more and you will receive an additional $20 Credit for your next service.

Products You'll Love This Month

Sebastian Whipped Cream: Ultra-light whip lifts deliciously nourished curls and waves to perfection for super-conditioned, air-light bounce.


Angel Wash and Rinse:

This Angel will gently cleanse your hair while maximizing colour retention, protecting against free radicals, and inhibiting UVA oxidation - essential for repair of damaged hair and preservation of your color.


The rinse is a weightless, volumizing conditioner, formulated to increase cellular re-growth of the hair and scalp. Moisturizes and protects fine, dry hair.

Fun Hair Facts:

1. In 1950, only 5% of women colored their hair. Now, that number has increased to 75%!

2. In Ancient Rome, women used to dye the hair blonde with pigeon dung (ahem, thank you modern day chemistry)!

3. Each strand of hair can support up to 100 grams in weight. Multiply that by the average 100,000 to 150,000 strands on each head, and your entire head of hair could support the weight equivalent to two elephants.

Calling all Artist!

We are looking for future artists to participate in our First Fridays from April through October. If you've got some great art and would love to show it off and party with us gals please email us at headdressdenver.com.

Thank you for your continuing support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Headdress Team!



Happy New Year!


Happy 2015!  What better way to start the New Year than with some winter hair care tips.  Now is the perfect time to bring on the moisture and benefit from a new routine.

Start by rehydrating your thirsty hair with Kevin Murphy Luxury Wash and Rinse. Remember to rinse your hair with cool water to close the cuticle; a hot water rinse leaves the hair vulnerable, creating static and dryness.

Always blow dry your hair with a heat protectant, such as Kevin Murphy's Damage Manager or Sebastian's Trilliant. Do not leave the house with damp hair, or the cold will give you split ends!

To combat the winter blahs, introduce a rich, deep conditioner into your regime once a week. We suggest Kevin Murphy Young 
Again Masque.

Brighten Your Winter with a New Cut!

As the bitter cold sets in, we think it's the perfect time to heat things up with a new look! This season it's all about texture and layers. Check out these sassy, options:

The Edgy Pixie- This look can be rebellious and feminine at the same time, and really accentuates the sexiness of your cheekbone, neck, and jawline.

Ruffled Petite Bob- Say "good bye" to those stick straight, angled bobs! This season is all about short, defined waves that effortlessly frame your face, or peek out from underneath your favorite beanie.

January is Brazilian Blowout Month!

Get $50 off your Brazilian Blowout, and receive 15% off GK Serum or KM Luxury Wash & Rinse when you purchase day of service!

We look forward to helping make 2015 your best year yet!

HeadDress A Salon Team


December News!

Happy Holidays!!

All of us at Headdress would like to wish our loyal salon guests a very merry and safe holiday season! It's the most wonderful time of the year: a time to celebrate and extend our thanks to all of you for your continuing support. For those who are less than thrilled with this time of year, here is a picture of Grumpy Cat...

Friday Blow Outs for $25. between 5pm-8pm. Join Regina, Iris and Kim for some champagne and amazing blow out styles through the month of December by appointments only. 

Hydrate or Drench your locks this winter! When you purchase KM hydrate shampoo and conditioner or Sebastian Drench shampoo and conditioner receive a free gift!

Wanting stocking stuffer ideas?  Travel size products, color bugs and gift certificates are all perfect to stuff in the stockings this Holiday season! 

Thank you for your continuing support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Headdress Team!



The Much-Anticipated Return of First Fridays at HeadDress

First Fridays are BACK!  The weather is warmer, the heady excitement of spring is in the air, and we are ready to party!  HeadDress is excited to announce the return of our First Friday celebration and art opening:  Friday, April 4th from 7-10pm.

This first Friday, we are pleased to introduce the art of Jeromey Patterson.  Jeromey is a smart and talented artist who combines street art and architecture.  Here's a little bit about Jeromey in his own words:

I work mainly in abstracted architectural studies and portraiture. Doing street art when I was younger I quickly realized the codependency of the piece and the structure that it was on. What I do now is just a further exploration of that idea; a look at the sometimes strained conversation between the two while trying to showcase the personality of both. Broken and flattened structures screen and protect from the surrounding chaos, working with and against each other to create a contrasting cohesion.

Each piece is a portrait. Initially the subjects were structures, mostly by famous mid-century modern architects.  This eventually led to incorporating more human and animal subjects, which I approach in much the same manner as the buildings. In these I have been taking that art/architecture conversation and expanding the view to be inclusive of the natural world, with a feeling of the impact of each upon the other. 

Wow.  Please join us in welcoming Jeromey to the walls of HeadDress on Friday, April 4th from 7-10 pm, and share in a celebration of art and spring!  Can't wait to see you all there!

Thank you for making our first birthday party a blast!

Thank you to everyone who made our first year of business, and first birthday party happen! With our raffle, we raised $200 for MaxFund Animal Adoption Center.

A special thanks to our loyal clients, and all of the businesses/vendors/artists who came out to support us:  

TJ RaygunMilk & CakeKevin Murphy, Electric Music Box, Elemental Ink. Corner of Gourmet, Kassia's Pasta Farm, Pattie Parkhurst Jewelry, Luxy & Nelson's Biscuit Co.Jeromey Patterson, Purses by Maria, Mary Clara Decor, and Elemental Ink.


Don't miss HeadDress' First Birthday Party and Artisan Market on Friday September 6th!

HeadDress is one year old! Join us on September 6th for our First Friday Birthday Party and Artisan Market.

Read More

A weekend of fundraising events!

This weekend two wonderful events happened right here in the Santa Fe Art District! Live Urban Denver's Race to Your Next Place, benefiting Habitat for Humanity a, had HeadDress one of their stops on their city wide scavenger hunt! The race ended with one lucky team winning the $10,000 grand prize!

Also, Freedom Service Dogs held their first annual Handbags & Hounds event at the Artwork Network Gallery Saturday. The event was a smashing success, and our stylists got to walk the red carpet and bid on some fabulous handbags for auction.

Handbags & Hounds Auction

We here at HeadDress were so excited to find out that Freedom Service Dogs was organizing an auction on May 18th right here in the Santa Fe Art District. Taking place at the Artwork Network Gallery, Handbags & Hounds will support their incredible work of rescuing dogs and training them for people with disabilities!

The evening will be filled with pampering, cocktails, and music. There will also be an auction that will have a fabulous array of handbags, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. We have donated a number of gift bags and gift certificates you can auction on too!  

Be sure to get your tickets soon. See you there!

HeadDress donation to the Handbags & Hounds Auction

Meghan Throckmorton Fashion Show

Styling a fashion show is always such fun, but styling a fashion show at the Museo de las Americas for our neighbor (and the proprietress of the fabulous Rakun Shop), Meghan Throckmorton, was EXTRA fun. Abby and Kim of HeadDress paired Meghan's fresh, flirty, folksy summer dresses with girly braids and soft dewy makeup. Thanks to Meghan for including us, to the models for being so darn cute, and to The Roaring Artist, Katie Bradford Osborne for the lovely photography.